Welcome to the Intercontinental Hapkido Federation
I am Grandmaster Jung Ki Choi, President of the Intercontinental Hapkido Federation. I have been researching, perfecting and teaching traditional Hapkido for 37 years and in the process training hundreds of masters, instructors and black belt students in Korea and the United States. For those of you for which lineage and expertise is an issue of paramount concern; I shall have my credentials listed on this web site shortly. In the interim, I hold a 9th degree in Hapkido and Taekwondo.

The Intercontinental Hapkido Federation its members a rich and balanced set of self-defense techiques, martial arts philosophy, effective weapon manipulation, and healing techniques -- Chi Kung -- thru personal and group instruction, high performance seminars and videos.

The Intercontinental Hapkido Federation promotes and offers high-quality Hapkido training, along with instructor and master certifications. To all of you who live in the city of Houston and are interested in serious Hapkido training, I am pleased to extend an invitation to our training facilities. Come see for yourself what my program is able to do for you.

Good luck and I look forward to meeting you soon!

Grandmaster J.K. Choi

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